Nordic Perl Workshop and Mojoconf

in Oslo

6 - 7 September, 2018

Learning to Manage Sessions with Mojolicious

Boyd Duffee
Lightning talk
Target audience:


Authenticating users and maintaining sessions is a must for controlling access to your App. This is a super-fast tour of a still-developing tutorial that takes you step-by-step through adding login/logout pages with authentication and logging to your app as well as redirecting from and returning to a protected calling page.

Beginners can get started locking down their apps right away! Experts can point out potential security or maintenance nightmares! This (very brief) talk promises to be Fun for the whole Family!

This tutorial was born out of my need to lock down access to a Mojolicious app to users via LDAP and reflects what I wished had existed when I sat down to solve the problem. Like an extended session of rubber-ducking, I felt that I'd learn better by explaining to the world how to add security to my site. I couldn't find much mid-level documentation for what I was trying to achieve and I'd like to fill that gap. Hosted on Github, the tutorial has also become my sandbox for trying out new features.

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